Wind energy plays a crucial role in the Nordic regions’ commitment to sustainability. However, severe ice build-up on turbine blades poses challenges to efficiency. Traditional thermal heating systems often face issues, leading to occasional failures. Bladecare uses the DJI ZenMuse XT2 Radiometry, and addresses these challenges, ensuring optimal performance.

Bladecare employs advanced thermal infrared (IR) scanning technology mounted on drones for comprehensive inspections of wind turbine blades. The DJI ZenMuse XT2 Radiometry facilitates precise evaluations of the thermal heating system, enabling early detection of potential issues.

Bladecare’s integration of thermal IR scanning offers a non-intrusive and efficient method for monitoring the integrity of the blade heating systems. Early anomaly detection allows for proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime and revenue loss. The collected thermal data enables informed decision-making to optimize turbine performance in harsh climates.