Author: Jamshid Lodhi

How autonomous drones, AI and big data shape the future of blade O&M

In the past, turbine inspection crews have relied on various tools to get a closer look at blades: binoculars, ropes, high-definition ground cameras. But these approaches have limitations in terms of accuracy, safety and then there’s expensive downtime. Today, automated visual inspection technologies have replaced these methods. Operators know that regular and proactive investigations are the best way to identify damage and maintain equipment for the long term. Drones are a dynamic, safe and efficient way to carry out routine…

Bladecare partners with Sulzer Schmid, autonomous drone technology provider.

Bladecare partners with Sulzer Schmid, autonomous drone technology provider, and becomes a truly independent blade inspection service provider. Bladecare is thrilled to partner with Sulzer Schmid (CH), a leading provider and innovator of next-generation technology for inspections of wind turbines using autonomous drones and a sophisticated data analytics platform. Bladecare will be offering WTG inspections using the state-of-the-art Sulzer Schmid 3DX ™ Blade Platform. “With four seasons and challenging weather variations, inspection season in Scandinavia is short and intensive. Therefore…

The future is in the air

Roboten har landat! Nyligen utförde Bladecare LPS kontroll i Finland åt två olika aktörer. Trots relativt kraftiga höstvindar så går det att utföra blixtledarmätning så här sent på året. Dock rekommenderar vi LPS kontroll tidigt på året för att säkerställa full funktion under blixtsäsongen.Dessvärre är ett vanligt resultat vid LPS kontroll att systemen inte fungerar tillfredställande.Skadorna vid blixtnedslag kan bli väldigt omfattande.

Effects of near-lightning strikes on turbine blades.

An article from Windpower Engineering & DevelopmentAllen Hall / President / Pinnacle Lightning Protection, LLC / www.pinnaclelightning.comGreg Shine / President / Shine Wire Products, Inc. / Lightning strikes the United States about 25 million times a year, according to the National Weather Service. That’s an impressive figure, and one reason why wind turbine owners and operators breathe a sigh of relief when their equipment goes unscathed during electrical storms. However, even a “close call” can cause more harm than one might expect. According to…