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The wind industry is growing fast – turbine size, tower heights and blades lengths increase year by year, however maintenance methods remain the same, resulting in a rise of costs and extended downtimes associated with blade maintenance.

Blades are constantly stressed by ever changing wind and exposed to the elements of nature. Over time, birds, dust, ice, rain, sun, and lightning strikes the blades, resulting in damaged or degraded blades and blade structure that could potentially result in significantly reduced blade performance, structural failures, safety issues and turbine downtime, if not managed properly.

Regular blade maintenance is a necessity to ensure wind turbine availability and performance. Inspection, cleaning, and repairs of blades are commonly performed manually by highly qualified blade engineers, either accessing the blade hanging in ropes or using special platforms, however, for many reasons this is not an effective solution.

Automating the inspection, cleaning, and repair processes, is key for increasing efficiency of works to be performed, both with regards to ensuring quality of work as well as reducing turbine downtime during works.

Having a digital end-to-end solution further increases the value of automation as data is captured in a precise and accurate way, allowing data analytics to be performed to optimize maintenance planning and further gain insight into blade conditions.

Significantly shorter turbine downtime is an enabler for proactive maintenance, where inspections are performed more frequently and damages are detected and repaired at an early stage, further reducing overall cost of blade maintenance.


As an independent service provider, Bladecare offers preventive wind turbine blade maintenance services based on various automation technologies. We believe in partnering with the most innovative technology partners globally to deliver outstanding results to our customers in the Nordic region.

Maximise annual energy production and availability through reduced downtime for preventive maintenance of turbine blades with automated services from Bladecare.


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