Maximise annual energy production and availability

through reduced downtime for preventive maintenance

of turbine blades with automated services

As an independent service provider, Bladecare offers preventive wind turbine blade maintenance services related to cleaning, inspections, and repairs, based on various automated technologies.

We enable our customers to maximise annual energy production and availability through reduced downtime.

Based close to Stockholm, we cover the Nordic region.

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Have you noticed any reductions in your Annual Energy Production (AEP) due to the accumulation of ice?

Reports indicate that wind energy production may experience up to a 17% decline in Annual Energy Production (AEP) and a 20–50% reduction in aerodynamic performance due to icing. This underscores the critical need for innovative solutions in wind turbine operations to address challenges posed by icing conditions. * According to studies done at Arctic Technology & Icing Research Group, Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology, UiT- The Arctic University of Norway.

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Are you WTG suffering from leading edge erosion?

Leading Edge Restoration (LER) is a crucial process in addressing the growing challenge of damage to wind turbine blades, resulting in reduced power production and efficiency as wind turbines age. The damage, known as Leading Edge Erosion (LEE), occurs when turbine blades cut through the air and are exposed to collisions with fine particles such as dirt, dust, ice, snow, and rain. The erosion of the outer layer on the blade surface occurs over time, gradually affecting aerodynamics and resulting…

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Tip-to-Grid. End-of-Warranty (EoW) inspections for wind turbines.

As wind turbines are vital for renewable energy, it’s crucial to ensure they stay reliable and safe. The end-of-warranty inspection, typically after the first two to four years of a turbine’s 20 to 30-year lifespan, is a key step in keeping these WTG’s in good shape. Understanding Warranty Warranties usually cover the first 2-4 years, during which manufacturers handle repairs. After that, the turbine owner takes responsibility. So, as the warranty nears its end, it’s vital to be proactive. Securing…

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Corroding steel or cracking concrete towers?

Ever encountered corrosion challenges on steel towers? Or concrete cracking on hybrid towers? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you! Introducing the TOPseven Tower Inspection System, revolutionizing the way we tackle corrosion issues at flanges.With the TOPseven solution, Bladecare AB can now conduct autonomous flight paths that capture comprehensive data and seamlessly stitch it into our cutting-edge Cloud solution. This breakthrough technology empowers us to effectively identify and address severe corrosion problems, ensuring the longevity and safety of…

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Bladecare introduces NEINICE

Bladecare introduces NEINICE, a cutting-edge product designed for wind turbine blades in the Nordic region. NEINICE utilizes advanced coating technology to stop ice formation on the blades.Instead of focusing on removing ice, NEINICE is changing the game for wind turbine operators. It’s a breakthrough solution for ice mitigation, ensuring that turbines keep running smoothly. hashtag#bladecare hashtag#aerones hashtag#phazebreak hashtag#winterwind hashtag#iceprevention

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