Maximise annual energy production and availability

through reduced downtime for preventive maintenance

of turbine blades with automated services

As an independent service provider, Bladecare offers preventive wind turbine blade maintenance services related to cleaning, inspections, and repairs, based on various automated technologies.

We enable our customers to maximise annual energy production and availability through reduced downtime.

Based close to Stockholm, we cover the Nordic region.

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Increase blade efficiency




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LPS inspection using the Top7 drone-based solution.

Wind turbines are crucial components in the world’s energy generation system, but they can also be vulnerable to damage caused by lightning strikes. The consequences of such damage can range from minor malfunctions to total blade collapse, resulting in costly repairs and extended downtime. To prevent this, wind turbine blades are equipped with lightning protection systems (LPS) to protect the blades from lightning strikes. However, it is important to regularly inspect and verify the functionality of the LPS to ensure…

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Using a robot for internal blade inspection

The blades of your wind turbine are prone to multiple types of damage and this is best observed from the inside. Avoid potential harsh damage in advance with internal inspection. Aerones robotic crawler will give you an interactive 360 overview of your blades and deeper insight with Lidar 3D point cloud. The new approach is cheaper, safer, and faster.

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No Weather Day Guarantee!

Weather is one of the main reasons for missed milestones and delays in the wind turbine services industry. Most service suppliers are unable to conduct their work during days with bad weather, yet they tend to invoice for all accrued weather days that put a project on hold. Using autonomous drones for blade inspections increases the number of blades that can be inspected per day. In addition, drones are less affected by weather compared to conventional inspection methods. During 2022,…

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How autonomous drones, AI and big data shape the future of blade O&M

In the past, turbine inspection crews have relied on various tools to get a closer look at blades: binoculars, ropes, high-definition ground cameras. But these approaches have limitations in terms of accuracy, safety and then there’s expensive downtime. Today, automated visual inspection technologies have replaced these methods. Operators know that regular and proactive investigations are the best way to identify damage and maintain equipment for the long term. Drones are a dynamic, safe and efficient way to carry out routine…

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